The trial of an Armed Forces member who mustered a personal militia for a future war against Trump supporters lasted only one hour, ending when the accused, Army CSM Nema Mobarakzadeh, a radicalized Muslim infiltrator, shouted “Allahu Akbar” and said he would avenge himself upon the jurors unless they found him not guilty on the charge of high treason. He said “his people” were everywhere, and no one was beyond their reach.

As reported in August, White Hats arrested Mobarakzadeh and his commanding officer, Maj. David Dunbar, near Fort Drum after discovering the duo had a personal vendetta against President Donald Trump and recruited at least 165 Biden-sympathizing soldiers who participated in mock assault drills against dummies festooned in MAGA attire at a “plywood town” 15 miles from Drum. Once in custody, Mobarakzadeh, separated from Dunbar, refused to answer questions but demanded to speak with the criminal Lloyd Austin. His off-post residence was later searched by CID, who found an unsecured iPad that held a video of Mobarakzadeh standing before an American Flag and pledging allegiance to Joseph R. Biden. He also proclaimed, “Death to all Trump supporters.” They also found a manifesto.


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On August 15, JAG flew Mobarakzadeh to Camp Blaz, Guam, to await a military tribunal.

The brief trial finally took place September 11, with Rear Admiral Johnathon T. Stephens showing video of the plywood village, which he crudely compared to the expeditious construction of Los Alamos in 1943, pointing out the splintered remnants of wooden targets in MAGA hats and the thousands of rifle casings left behind. He read aloud abstracts of Mobarakzadeh’s manifesto: “I’ve only stood by two presidents, President Barack Hussein Obama, a believer, and President Joseph R. Biden, because Barack picked him and Barack knows all. He leads, I follow. I hate Trump and his people, hate his people, civilians and military corrupting the uniform, the Armed Forces. I despise his supporters and wish them death, all of them, everywhere. The enlightened see, and together we’ll have a future free of Trump and his followers.”

Adm. Stephens said the defendant exemplified “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” a pejorative phrase for a pseudo-psychological illness that causes liberal Leftists to blame Trump for myriad societal and personal problems.

Mobarakzadeh’s JAG-assigned counsel claimed without evidence that his client was a “victim,” that Lloyd Austin and Maj. Dunbar manipulated his views on President Trump, even invoking the word “grooming.” He argued that Mobarakzadeh had neither the skill nor resources to erect a plywood town. Nor was he charismatic enough to warp the minds of a company of soldiers.

“That’s false,” Mobarakzadeh said. “They came to me ready to fight, and I bettered their skills.”

His attorney urged him to stay silent.

“Yes, we know all about the recruitment procedures and the illegal payouts and we still have others to try. What Mr. Mobarakzadeh is guilty of is every UCMJ infraction in the book and treason against the United States of America,” Adm. Stephens said.

Mobarakzadeh whispered in his attorney’s ear.


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“My client again requests to speak with Defense Secretary Austin. He says he can clear this up with a 30-second call,” the defense counsel said to Adm. Stephens.

“This court doesn’t recognize his authority. If he wants, he’s welcome to stop by. We’d like to talk to him, too,” Adm. Stephens said.

“CSM Mobarakzadeh believes he was acting upon orders of the president,” defense counsel said.

“Allah? Biden? Obama? Which one?” Adm. Stephens said. “They’re all illegitimate.”

“Allahu Akbar. The difference between us, Adm. Stephens, is that I accept death as a transition between worlds. I knew your plans to kill me before I was here. You are a dead man, as are they,” Mobarakzadeh yelled, glancing at the panel. “It won’t be my hand to kill you, but you will die. We have people all over. You, your families—it makes no difference to us.”


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