White Hats have encouraged their own to temporarily disable cellular phones between 2:00-3:00 p.m. on October 4 when the criminal Federal Emergency Management Agency is scheduled to conduct a nationwide test of a new Emergency Action System (EAS,) a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

As reported in March 2022, White Hats seized FEMA’s Mount Weather stronghold in the Blue Ridge Mountains and took control of the nation’s central EAS transmitter deep within the subterranean fortress. A bloody skirmish between White Hat Delta Force/Army Rangers and regime forces resulted in the deaths of two dozen FEMA personnel. The White Hat coalition sustained several casualties but no fatalities.


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In the following months, FEMA mounted three attempts to retake the mountain, but White Hats repelled each incursion, and FEMA’s casualty list expanded. The regime’s last assault was in September 2022 and put 30 federal goons in body bags, as by then nearly 2,500 U.S. Marines and Army soldiers maintained a constant vigil in and around the mountain.

Speaking about the raids, our source said candidly that if the Biden regime initially retaliated massively instead of with expeditionary forces, it probably could have recaptured the mountain, an immense arsenal, and the EAS network.

“We continued bolstering defenses, adding manpower, expecting, realistically, a battalion to show up. It wasn’t an unreasonable belief. After SAC and NORAD, Mt. Weather is the most impregnable bunker in the country. We knew they wanted the EAS-EBS back,” our source said.

General David H. Berger, he added, was on the receiving end of an endless barrage of threatening messages authored by Lloyd Austin, who commanded him to surrender the mountain “or else.” He ignored at least a dozen threats before finally replying, “Or else what,” after which the intimidation stopped and no more FEMA approached the mountain.

White Hats had long suspected “or else” signified a future Mount Weather invasion, but in July 2023, they realized FEMA had abandoned its futile quest to conquer the mountain and had instead built a new EAS at an unknown location.

“Simply put, we screwed up. This was a major intelligence failure since they’d worked on it for 18 months. We didn’t catch a whiff of it until July, not a word. We’ve been trying to find it, but no luck, and didn’t even know they’d completed it until early August when they said they would test it,” our source said.

On August 3, FEMA posted to its website that it and the Federal Communications Commission will conduct a nationwide test of the EAS on October 4, 2023, at approximately 2:20 p.m. EST. The signal will be sent to all televisions and consumer cellular phones and include a message assuring the citizenry that “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

White Hats believe FEMA has an ulterior motive for testing its new toy: trace and track both members of the White Hat community and patriots, whom FEMA has labeled domestic terrorists, throughout the United States.

“The EAS at Weather was modernized a few times, but it’s still older architecture than what’s around right now. We don’t know the technical specifics on the new one, and it’s surely possible that when that message hits smart devices—phones and televisions—they could ping back a signal to FEMA, a signal FEMA can easily triangulate. We’re not saying this will happen, only that there’s a chance, and that’s why we aren’t taking chances,” our source said.


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On August 6, General Smith and the White Hat council encouraged White Hat commanders at U.S. military installations to disable mobile devices and place them in a Faraday bag- an enclosure that blocks electromagnetic fields—for the test duration.

“Disabling means shutting off GPS location services and pulling the battery and sim card,” our source said. “We hope the message stretches across the military echelon down the rank-and-file.”

Asked how White Hats will communicate if, for example, the regime declares Martial Law during the test, our source said, “We have secure radios, and there’s always good old-fashion shortwave in case the shit really does hit the fan.”

When asked what might happen if FEMA launches an unannounced test, he said, “Obviously, we can’t unplug forever out of fear. We take precautions when and where we can. Fortunately, the Deep State has a strange desire to preannounce their agendas. Testing might backfire and may help us isolate the transmission source.

Source: realrawnews.com

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