Since billionaire mogul Donald J.Trump famously came down the golden escalator with his wife, Melania, to announce he was running for President Of The United States, the financial ramifications have been staggering.

In an interview with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, the former President said he lost billions of dollars during his time in office and that he “expected” that to happen.

As part of an extended interview during which the men mainly discussed claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election, Mr. Trump said that he suffered a major financial loss while in the White House.

Lindell described Trump as one of the few politicians who “have the people’s back” whereas others make decisions based on their own agenda.

Trump responded by pointing out that some in the Democratic leadership make decisions in order to make money, whereas he willingly took the job to help save the nation knowing he would suffer catastrophic financial loss in the process.

“Look at the money they make, they’re full-time politicians, [Nancy] Pelosi and all these people [Maxine] Waters, [Barack] Obama,” Trump said,

“I expected to lose a lot of money, I lost billions. I expected that it was okay. These people made money being president,” he added.


“If somebody from Saudi Arabia stays in a suite one night for peanuts, even though I’m willing to lose billions of dollars, and say they pay $600, or whatever it is, they’ll make like….I mean, it’s the most incredible thing. These people have made a fortune, many of them have made a fortune. And I was prepared.”

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