Hollywood is known as Pedowood for a good reason.

The place is crawling with pedophiles!

One year ago, former adult actor Jenna Jameson exposed the Hollywood pedophile ring.

Though not specific, Jim Brewer insinuates that if we truly knew what Hollywood stars did behind closed doors, we wouldn’t follow them.

Mel Gibson has been warning us for decades.

Now, we get to watch them go down like flies.

Christopher Ranney, 48, is a New Mexico producer with his name on over 30 projects.

Ranney used to own Sol Acting Studios, which is out of Albuquerque.

He even had a small cameo as an Albuquerque Detective in Breaking Bad Season 3, Episode 7.

Ranney has a sinister side to him that will leave him forever remembered as a pedophile.

In October, he was accused of sexually abusing a young relative.


Source: welovetrump.com

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