ALEX JONES (HOST): Here’s the thing — I’ve been doing this so long, I just know what they’re going to do now. I just know. I mean, ask, how do you know? It’s called wisdom. It’s called knowledge. But as much knowledge as I have, I deferred my responsibility in my brain on the 6th, and I went and let Trump and the Secret Service be in charge, and the Secret Service, whoever was in command of it, set us up. And because I deferred to the president and deferred — the president should by asking, “Why was there not Secret Service? Why was there nobody at the Capitol? Why did I say Jones believes in peaceful protest and already hundreds” — because they set him up. 

So as much as I know — I was expecting a mass shooting or a bombing that day to blame us. They did have pipe bombs. But instead they just provocateured the siege, got what they wanted, had their victory. So as much as I know, I don’t know. But I do know about the enemy’s big moves, and I do understand it.


One thought on “VIDEO: Trump and I were set up by the Secret Service to be blamed for January 6 insurrection violence, said Alex Jones”
  1. We all make mistakes Alex. Nobody can be 100%, 100% of the time. This was planned by the left to blame on the right in order to stop the objections to the election results and to blame on Trump to justify another impeachment so Trump cant run again in 2024. My biggest concern now is now that it has worked once they are going to keep posing as conservatives and doing bad things to blame on us and of course the lying biased media will validate their false claims.

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