Tucker Carlson is not impressed with pollster Frank Luntz. Last week we went long on criticizing the well-known pollster who has long played a crucial role in framing many successful Republican platforms, but Carlson painted him in a far less charitable way, calling him a lobbyist for ‘Big Tech’ villainous overlords like Google.

On Monday, Carlson reported that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy shares a living space with Luntz, that was presented in an “Aha!” moment style that suggested a swampy relationship that explains all of America’s ills. Or something.

Carlson said Friday night, “Year after year on issue after issue, the leadership of the Republican party fails to represent its voters.” The reason, he argued, is partly Luntz, “the Republican party’s longest-serving message man.” Carlson called Luntz a “conventional liberal” who pushes the perspective of “left-wing corporations” when he speaks at Republican events.

Carlson followed up on this story on Monday and told viewers that his show got a tip from someone they trust that revealed that McCarthy rents a living space or room from Luntz, which was eventually confirmed by a spokesperson working for the House Minority Leader.

“So, actually the top Republican in the house does live with someone who lobbies for Google. Mystery solved!” Carlson explained. “Not only are they friends, they are roommates. So now you know why they listen to Frank Luntz, but they don’t listen to you.”

Shared living situations among political figures in Washington D.C. are not uncommon. Nonetheless, McCarthy was pressed on Carlson’s report during a Tuesday morning appearance of Fox & Friends. Steve Doocy noted to his guest “Tucker Carlson said he’d received a tip that you have been living with pollster and corporate consultant Frank Luntz. What’s up with that?” You can see his response below:

McCarthy confirmed Luntz’s report, adding that he didn’t know that this was a controversy.

“Frank has been a friend of mine for more than 30 years,” Rep. McCarthy explained. “I met him with Newt Gingrich back when they were working on the contract for America. As the Democrats took over, they started changing the house around so, yeah, I rented a room from frank for a couple of months, but I’m going back to on my couch in my office.

“He seems upset,” McCarthy said of Tucker Carlson. “I think [Luntz] and Tucker must dislike each other, and they need to get together and solve whatever difficulties because we’ve got to make sure that we put this country back on the right track.”

Source: mediaite.com; thepostmillennial.com


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