“America is freedom,” President Ronald Reagan said. “Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom of enterprise.”

For many around the world, America continues to be a beacon of hope, opportunity and freedom. Yet, our generation has been told that we will be the first in our nation’s history to be worse off than our parents. We, as Americans, must regain our faith in our future.

Some Americans, particularly the pundits, view the Republican Party as divided, out of touch and even extinct. We disagree.

This moment is an opportunity to humbly reflect and learn from our past to strengthen our party and move forward with a bold vision and solutions-oriented policy that creates a better future for our generation and for our children.

President Reagan’s quote reflects our cornerstone principles that have served us since the days of President Abraham Lincoln. The future of the Republican Party stands with the cause of freedom and the onward pursuit of a more perfect union.

Our American traditions include a commitment to free ideas, discussion and debate. We wish President Joe Biden success — as his success is our country’s success. Yet, as an opposition party we can respect the president, and disagree on important issues of policy. The demagoguery, shaming and identity politics that over the past decade became our debate norms must cease. Both parties must return to an era of civil discourse. This should be viewed as a strength — not weakness — and central to the vision of the Republican Party. Our party must listen, learn and lead.

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