Donald Trump might very well run for president again in 2024. But if he doesn’t, would Mike Pence jump in the ring?

Fox News’ Chris Wallace spoke with Friday with Sandra Smith, and after they talked about the serious questions facing the Joe Biden administration over reopening schools, Smith asked about the former vice president — who is joining the Heritage Foundation as a distinguished visiting fellow and starting a podcast.

Between those moves and new reporting that Pence plans to be actively involved in helping Republicans into the 2022 midterms, Smith asked, “What role are we going to see Mike Pence play over the next couple of years, knowing he is a big potential contender for 2024?”

“If Donald Trump decides to run again,” Wallace said, “then somebody like Pence isn’t going to be able to run. He’s not going to run against the former president. But assuming that Donald Trump decides not to run, I don’t know who would be in better shape with the Trump base, despite the fact that they had this falling-out on January 6th, a pretty serious falling-out.”

Trump, of course, publicly pressured Pence ahead of Congress’ certification of the electoral college results. And by now we’ve all seen and heard reports about people in that violent January 6th mob specifically targeting the former vice president.

There were a number of reports in the wake of the storming of the Capitol that the relationship between Trump and Pence was at its lowest point. Pence met with Trump on January 11th and the readout from a Trump administration official said in part, “They reiterated that those who broke the law and stormed the Capitol last week do not represent the America first movement backed by 75 million Americns, and pledged to continue the work on behalf of the country for the remainder of their term.”

Wallace noted how for four years Pence was “the utterly loyal vice president” and “the person pushing the Trump agenda harder than anybody else” other than Trump himself.

And while others like Nikki Haley and some Republican senators will most likely run too, Wallace reiterated “nobody would be in better shape” than Pence, because typically “when the vice president of a fallen president, a defeated president, decides to run the next time around, they usually end up as the nominee. Not necessarily the president, but they usually end up as the nominee.”



This coin is a symbol of President Trump’s victory and success.

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