United States Special Forces last Wednesday killed four members of an international “hit squad” who planned to assassinate President Donald J. Trump at the first Republican primary debate this August, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

In mid-June, White Hats at U.S. Army Cyber Command obtained intelligence suggesting that international hitmen had arrived on U.S. soil and intended to meet at a warehouse in Monterey, California, to plot President Trump’s demise. Our source said three hired guns had at least tangential ties to the most disgraced president in United States history, Barack Hussein Obama, also known as Barry Soetoro.

The odd man out was Armenian militant Davit Sargsyan, a reputed degenerate and former “fixer” for Armenian President Vahagn Khachaturyan. Before that, a young Sargsyan reportedly murdered 100 Azerbaijani civilians “firing squad-style” during the Khojaly massacre of 1992. Human Rights Watch, a global non-governmental organization headquartered in New York City that conducts research and advocacy on human rights, wrote that a brutally sadistic Sargsyan disemboweled pregnant women.


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“Sargsyan was a maniac even by Deep State standards,” our source said. “What interest he had in killing Trump is beyond us, unless just for cash. He’s not the typical subtle assassin. His name and others turned up in intelligence, but unlike others, Sargsyan had no known link to Hussein Obama.”

Also named was Akbar Larijani of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence. He was a frequent White House visitor, an invitee of Obama, whom he had seen in the Oval Office at least six times in 2013-2014. Unlike other guests hailing from hostile regimes, Larijani was granted access to the White House without signing the visitor logs — only Obama and Biden had the authority to skirt that requirement.

“Larijani had a temporary residence in D.C. at the time but returned to Iran when Trump moved into the White House. Our research shows he was very chummy with Obama, the puppet master. Then we got the name of another foreign intelligence official that hung around Obama — too coincidental.”

That person was William Smythe, a British intelligence agent and longtime admirer of Barack Hussein Obama. His employment history included time at MI-5 and MI-6, and the GCHQ, which received considerable media attention when the former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden revealed that the agency was collecting all online and telephone data in the U.K. via the Tempora program.

“This guy and Obama were more than just casual acquaintances,” our source said. “He was around Obama at the White House, attended diplomatic functions, and partied with the Obamas at their $12m compound on Martha’s Vineyard.”

White Hats would not learn the identity of the fourth man until the day of the raid.

According to our source, Gen. Smith’s office fields “dozens” of weekly tips about schemes to end Trump’s life. The overwhelming majority, he said, are without merit and dismissed as hoaxes, though the Deep State has a history of feeding White Hats bogus assassination details.

“As a diversionary tactic and to make us waste resources,” our source said.

Nonetheless, President Donald J. Trump has thus far survived “dozens” of legitimate attempts on his life. The only man said to have survived more attempts on his life is Vladimir Putin.

“It’s no coincidence that both dauntless men are fighting the Deep State,” our source said. “Of course we look into every tip, even the outlandish.”

He would not specify how Cyber Command gained knowledge of the recent plot, only that the info came from a “usually trustworthy” source.

Regardless, Gen. Smith thought the info smelled fishy.

“Even good assets get bad info,” our source said. “Assassins work independently. They don’t run the risk that if one gets pinched, he might give up the others. And why run the risk of meeting in the U.S. months ahead of the primary debate, which Trump hasn’t committed to. Two plus two didn’t equal four but still we were obliged to check it out. Intel said they’d be in Monterey June 25, so Gen. Smith decided to put boots on the ground a few days before.”


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When Special Forces arrived at the Monterey warehouse before sunrise on June 21, they found it already occupied: four cars with rental plates sat in the parking lot, and dim light shone through frosted glass windows on the building. The elite soldiers surrounded the warehouse and heard muffled voices emanating from within.

“There was no legit reason for anyone to be in there. Special Forces radioed in and requested permission to enter,” our source said.

The entry team breached the front door and shot an assailant who blindly fired a sidearm into the air. The other three occupants were caught off guard and fumbled for sidearms on their hips or rifles on nearby tables.

Special Forces took no prisoners.

The bodies were later identified as Sargsyan, Larijani, and Smythe. The fourth corpse was former Secret Service Agent and Obama strongman Christopher Sanchez, who reportedly started working as a bodyguard for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in April 2022.

Source: realrawnews.com

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