The answer is supposedly in the earlobes.

Another human being who looked nearly identical to the incoming president — except for the earlobes — not only exists but trades places with the original Biden on occasion. Of the (allegedly) two men shown in the video, one had “unattached” earlobes, meaning his earlobes curved and their lowest points were not attached to the sides of his head. Meanwhile, the “other” man had earlobes “attached” directly to his head.

The same theory surfaced in tweets and Reddit posts, including a page titled “Is Joe Biden a clone? Check his earlobes,” that alleged photographic evidence from 2008 and 2020 showed Biden with detached and attached earlobes, respectively. All of those photos showed the president-elect’s right, not left, earlobe.

Either Biden has different earlobes today or we have a different Biden […] or is it an imposter?

What do you think?


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