Do you remember the riveting testimony of … Bill Taylor? Me neither. How about George Kent? Gordon Sondland ring a bell?  

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. Former President Trump’s first impeachment is not totally forgettable. If we strain our brains, perhaps we can remember the testimony of these witnesses at the then-breathless — for Democrats, anyway — House hearings. Those hearings generated two articles of impeachment based on Trump’s alleged “abuse of power” in dealings with Ukraine. Even at the time, the impeachment articles were tough to grasp. They were adopted along partisan lines by the Democrat-controlled House, after which Trump was acquitted along partisan lines in the then-Republican-controlled Senate.

Trump Impeachment Part One was undeniably historic, just the third presidential impeachment in American history (fourth if you count Richard Nixon, though he technically was not impeached). Still, as a matter of public interest, it had a shorter half-life than Iodine-131 (that’s 8.1 days — I looked it up!). 

Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) should bear it in mind.

Graham seems to be banking on a long remembrance of Trump Impeachment Part Two. The former president was acquitted on Saturday in a closer-than-expected vote. The ugly 43-57 tally goes down as a “win” for Trump because of the two-thirds supermajority requirement (67 guilty votes) for conviction. Despite convincing evidence of Trump’s wrongdoing, Graham rebuked Democrats for having opened a “Pandora’s Box.” 

Poor Pandora has been a Graham verbal tick throughout the latest Trump impeachment. In the run-up to the Senate trial, Graham fretted that Democrats would open this mythological wellspring of woe if they dared call witnesses. After the trial, other GOP elder statesmen, such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), were more focused on Trump’s abominable conduct than on their technical, jurisdictional rationale for acquitting him. Graham, by contrast, was defiant. He warned that Democrats would reap the Pandora whirlwind for charging Trump with “incitement of insurrection.” Now, he predicted, the Republicans’ first order of business upon taking control of the House in 2023 would be to impeach Vice President Kamala Harris.

Graham ought to give Pandora a rest.

The senator’s point was not totally fatuous. Suddenly, the schizo-Dems see insurrection as anathema and are smitten by police officers. If you’re feeling dizzy, it’s because the same Democrats spent the summer turning a blind eye to left-wing insurrectionist violence in major cities across the country. And not just a blind eye. Some Democrats affirmatively justified the rioting, as well as ludicrous “Defund the Police” campaigns, in the name of social justice. Among the worst offenders was then-Sen. Harris. 




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