As Donald J. Trump prepares to be reinstated as President of the United States this July or August, the U.S. military has been amplifying efforts to litigate cases against Deep State traitors whose names appear on a lengthy list of sealed indictments that Trump and acting AG Jeffrey Rosen had written in anticipation of finally draining the swamp.

The Deep State’s latest casualty is former FBI Director James Comey, who on Thursday morning sat opposite a military tribunal and listened to Vice Adm. John G. Hannink spell out charges that could send Comey to gallows for atrocities committed against law-abiding American citizens.

Vice Adm. Hannink opened the day with a scathing assault on Comey’s character, accusing him of ordering the deaths of countless citizens in the name of following orders issued by his former master, Barack Hussein Obama. Comey, Vice Adm. Hannink told the 3-officer panel, had helped orchestrate Obama’s clandestine aerial war and guillotine execution programs, which targeted persons on Obama’s infamous enemies list. He showed the panel classified internal FBI documents bearing Comey’s signature. One document acknowledged the FBI’s participation in an aerial strike that killed 16 members of a Colorado militia who had gathered to protest Obama’s guillotine program.

“Comey told Obama that air and drone strikes were an effective means to silence what was then a very powerful opposition movement. And he told Obama that guillotines would be more effective than bullets to silence persons opposing Obama’s war of terror on Americans. Comey wrote: ‘Studies have demonstrably proven the effectiveness of guillotines in gaining compliance. If a man sees his wife shot, he will become enraged and vengeful; if he sees his wife’s head sliced off, he will cower in fear and become submissive.’ A covert air war on Americans. Guillotine studies…” Vice Adm. Hannink said.

He approached the defense table, where Comey sat alone, and stared down the defendant. “What kind of maniac are you?” he asked.

Comey asked if he could address the panel. “From the moment of my arrest, I’ve been pressured to implicate Barack Obama in imaginary criminal actions. These documents—some are fabricated, others are hypothetical role-playing scenarios that never actually happened. Barack is a good man; he always has been. Probably the best president this country ever had or will have. These scenarios you’re hearing about—Obama had no part in it. It was Hillary Clinton and Brennan whom the FBI collaborated with. But they never took place,” Comey explained.

Vice Adm. Hannink told the panel that Comey, as an intelligence official, had been trained—and had trained others—to lie for a living. Unmoved by Comey’s soliloquy, he said Comey’s unquenchable thirst and insatiable appetite for power led him down a deep, dark tunnel from which there was no escape.

“It’s interesting that you’re willing to namedrop people who are now dead or soon will be. We know Obama masterminded all this. Your testimony aside, he will eventually sit where you’re sitting now. And we know these documents don’t represent make believe events,” Vice Adm. Hannink said.

His trenchant commentary on Comey’s role seemed to strike a chord with the panel, as all three members nodded uniformly when he labeled Comey an odious human being, an abomination to humanity.

“Let’s see how fictitious this really is,” he said.

After a short recess, Vice Adm. Hannink introduced a witness for the prosecution who attended the tribunal via a ZOOM video call. He introduced himself as Derrick White, a 22-year-old black male who claimed that in 2015 he had seen his father’s execution at the hands of “men wearing FBI and FEMA jackets.”

He recounted events that transpired during the historic flooding outbreak of Texas and other southern states in May 2015.



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