Press Secretary Jen Psaki was clearly caught off-guard at Thursday’s White House press conference. CNN’s question about the “border crisis” led to so much spinning it will make you dizzy.

Watch the exchange below:

“A question on the border,” CNN’s Kaitlan Collins began. “The administration has refused to call it a ‘crisis,’ instead referring to it as a ‘challenge,’ and saying what you call it doesn’t make a difference, it’s how you’re responding to it. But now, today, there are over 3,700 children, unaccompanied migrant children in Border Patrol custody. They’re spending on average over 100 hours, four days, in these facilities that are jail-like facilities, not meant for children. So how can you say that’s not a crisis?”

“Well, I think what Ambassador Jacobson and Secretary Mayorkas were conveying and what I’ve conveyed is it doesn’t matter what you call it,” Psaki nonsensically responded. “It is an enormous challenge. It is something that is front and center for the President.”



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