Every man has his price, some say. Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, certainly had his. Cohen, a Deep State operative, has had seven meetings in as many days with Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance, himself a member of the nefarious cabal hoping to imprison Donald J. Trump on farcical evidence and perjurious testimony.

A confidential source within Trump’s orbit told RRN, “Trump has eyes and ears in Vance’s office,” and that a mole in the Manhattan DA’s office told Trump that Vance and Cohen were conspiring to bring him down.

Those meetings centered on Trump’s tax records, which Vance obtained in late Feb. after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Trump’s efforts to keep the records private. Vance retained the consulting firm FTI to help analyze Trump’s financial records; a 30-person team spent 8,640 man-hours microscopically scrutinizing every minute transaction dating back to 2011. They had hoped to find evidence of tax fraud, insurance fraud, and other schemes to defraud, including providing false information to financial institutions or banks about the value of certain buildings and assets.

But, our source said, Vance and FTI came away empty-handed. They found no evidence of criminality, a fact they are at this moment concealing from public mention.

“Trump’s mole told him the investigation turned out clean. Trump wasn’t wanting to keep his records private because they are cooked, but because they are his business’s records and the IRS had them under audit and there was no reason to surrender them to some corrupt DA. When Vance couldn’t find any dirt, he made some phone calls to prominent Democratic legislators, including Nancy Pelosi,” our source said.

If all information is accurate, Pelosi was furious at Vance’s inability to find even a crumb of damning evidence against Trump. “We need that man in prison, and we need it now. We need him out of the picture. Find something. Do you understand me? Find something,” Pelosi purportedly told Vance.

The allusion seemed clear—she was asking Vance to fabricate evidence.

Enter Michael Cohen.

Cohen became an avowed enemy of Donald Trump after giving false testimony against Trump to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform and authoring an alleged tell-all book, Disloyal: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump, in which he likened Trump to a Mafia Don, and described himself as an Enforcer/Fixer who had an epiphany that led to redemption.

Vance approached Cohen, our source said, because he was one of few nonfamily persons with intimate knowledge of Trump’s business operations during that time. More important, Cohen had a vendetta against Trump. Vance reportedly made Cohen a generous offer, 5,000,000 tax-free dollars in exchange for unearthing or inventing evidence to put Trump in prison for the rest of his natural life, provided said evidence did not implicate the DA’s office.

“From what we know, Cohen said he’d be happy to help. And now they—Vance and Cohen—have been meeting nonstop, in video conference or in person, to find the best way to make Trump go away. He’s survived the Deep State’s smears, their assassination attempts—everything. It’s like they are just recycling ways to get rid of him—but he’s the Teflon Don. The meetings between Vance and Cohen—they were meant to be clandestine. Trump’s the one who leaked info on the meetings to the press,” our source said.

The Deep State’s desperation, our source added, stems from an unwavering belief that Trump, if left to his own designs, will soon expose and topple Biden’s illegitimate presidency.

“Trump plays a good game of poker, and he’s waiting for them to show their hand. Then he’ll unequivocally refute it and make them fold,” our source said.

Souce: realrawnews.com


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